This is the quotes of Fiona: Edit

  • "Where am I? It's kind of cold... The air smells... funny." (arriving outside the basement)
  • "I've decided to put my fears behind me. I'm not going back."
  • "Um... excuse me, but... where are we? And... how did I get here?"
  • "Wait a minute... I remember being in the car with..."
  • "I can't just walk around all day holding these sheets

around me. Call me old-fashioned, but I would prefer a normal set of clothes to these bed sheets."

  • "It feels almost like it was custom-tailored to fit me. It

really clings to my shape quite nicely. Although it feels a little tight in the chest area." (about her new clothing)

  • "Oh come on, Fiona... It's not like you are going to find the Boogieman under there." (examine guestroom bed after changing clothes)
  • "Wait a second! What's that?!" (finding hiding place)
  • "What the! What was that thing?!" (getting hit by the first Luminessant)
  • "My parents are... dead?! It has to be a lie. Maybe it's

all just a dream... or maybe I am just in shock or something. That has to be it. I-It just has to be."

  • "Go, now. And don't get caught this time... Go..."
  • "I can't believe there are people out there that would do this to a poor helpless animal."
  • "Thank you... you saved me. Come here... Come on, boy! What's your name? ...Hewie? So you're Hewie! Well hi, Hewie."
  • "I-I could have been killed... I guess fate was smiling on me today... for now."
  • "Those big eyes... He almost looks like a child of sorts.

The size of a giant and the mind of a child... You should be pitied, not hated. I guess I shouldn't have reacted as I did..."

  • "It's that weird maid again... She keeps staring at herself

in the mirror like she hates herself or something. I can't see why. Her skin, her eyes, her body... They all look fine to me. Oh well, blame society, I guess..."

  • "She's right there, stupid. What good is hiding in the closet going to do now?"
  • "Only a fool would even think of going back now!"
  • "The more I look, the more it seems to resemble a human

child... But certainly such nonsense is the stuff of horror novels and such. Things like that don't actually ever happen... do they?"

  • "An extractor? I know this'll make me sound stupid, but maybe it's to extract things?"
  • "God, I miss home..."
  • "Why are you after me...? What do you want?"
  • "Not even that stopped her! What is she, the maid from hell?"
  • "Why is it always like this? Why must I kill just to keep myself alive? I hate this place... I really do."
  • "No... I don't want to. Please let me be. I want to go home..."
  • "You've been shot... You'll be alright. This will stop the bleeding..."
  • "Why are you doing this? What did I do? ...What Azoth? I don't even know what that is!"
  • "Stop! I am not your child! I know exactly who my parents are!"
  • "Hewie? ...You saved me again."
  • "There you are, boy! Hewie..."
  • "Daddy...? What's going on? You're not my..."
  • "This time... you really are dead. You bastard."
  • "Thank you... Hewie."
  • "Hewie... Wait up, boy!"
  • "My quest is now complete. I leave the entirety of my legacy in this room. Aureolus Fiona Belli." (upon completing Secret Room)